Problem with submitting accounts online to Companies House with no fixed assets in previous year

I have had problems submitting accounts online to Companies House when there are no fixed assets in the comparative figures. I get to the NBV for the previous year and it doesn't matter if I enter "0" or leave it blank - I get an error message saying it doesn't equal "0"!

After being no help at all call centre operator and supervisor both say I should seek accounting or legal advice for what numbers to enter on the template despite them eventually understanding the problem. I get the impression that the staff doesn't have any knowledge of anything.

I kept at it and despite getting told I wouldn't get a different answer no matter who I talked to I was offered the opportunity to speak to Complaints; I said "yes" but they put me to the Electronic Filing Department despite that being who I asked to speak to earlier. Their strategy seems to be for the call monkeys to get advice from the Electronic Filing Department but they don't seem to be able to understand what phone callers or the Electronic Filing Department says.

The person in the Electronic Filing Department made a few guesses about the problem (I'm sure they must get this problem a lot) and asked me to download another template in case the first one was corrupt. I got the same problem. I've sent both templates to my contact.

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I've had this

Tonykelly |
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I could use Digita Company Secretarial

petersaxton |
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TrueData Filer or Tonykelly

chatman |

True Data Filer (TDF)

Tonykelly |
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