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Problems getting refund from HMRC?

Hi, does anyone have any useful advice on getting a refund from HMRC on those occasions were they just seem to want to sit on it for no reason and not release it?

This happens far to regularly for my liking and we end up wasting a lot of time that we cant bill our clients on calls, letters etc... and it is so frustrating.

With our latest client where we have had this the refund was requested to be repaid to our client ac through the return (filed in Jan '12). By 21 Feb 2012 it wasnt released so we did a repayment request online. By 7 Mar 2012 still not released so called them, they apologised, advised it will be sent for release and we were assured it will be released by 22 Mar 2012.  Reluctantly accepted this and cant do much about it really. Called them today as still not released, advised hopefully will be released by end of Mar 2012. I obtained an address to write to to make a complaint about it, but yet more wasted time for us though. Its just so infuriating.

I wouldnt mind so much really but if our client owed HMRC £3k (which is what his refund is) he'd be charged interest, a 5% surcharge plus probably get letters threatening court action! Doesnt seem a fair system when we have to make payments by deadlines or face penalties whereas they can just hold onto money owed to taxpayers for as long as they want and we cant do anything really other than waste lots of time calling them constantly about it until its finally released.

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Have you registered for an Agent Account Manager?

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if the repayment is due on

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had same issue

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