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Professional Qualification - Is it worth it?

Reading through a few posts on here and thinking of my own qualifications (FCCA & ATT), I'm surely not the only one who is begining to ask myself if the qualifications are worth it?

I work in industry now (this may be part of the reason I'm starting to think the way I am), have done for the past 5 years or so and have to admit it is all because the money offered beats that of working in practice.  Partnership excluded.

Do other CA's, ACCA's or whatever, perhaps more so those in industry, feel their qalification is still useful and the fees justified?

Has anyone perhaps stopped paying the subscriptions, cancelled their membership and noticed any difference?

Obviously I'm very proud etc to have qualified but not sure I gain anything from the qualifications anymore other than perhaps the status.

Just a thought.

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Think of the future

Moonbeam |
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If you cancel your membership

bernard michael |

Almost did

neileg |

If I buy services I only deal

uktaxpal |

I am proud to be a qualified

James-IAS |
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You never know

Kent accountant |
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Thanks to all......

Craigie_Bhoy |
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Same Boat

Cantona1 |

With Kent Accountant

HudsonCo |

Is there a theme developing here ...

Ian_mcdonald |


blok |
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I pay my own fees.  I get tax

Gloucester_Accountant |