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Prospects you don't want to deal with

I have just put up my postcards in local newsagents windows again.

I got one rather nice client out of the last lot and 3 iffy people that I definitely didn't want as clients, so it might be worth it, at 50p per week.

This afternoon someone rang and said he was with a firm of accountants who were sorting out with HMRC several periods that he had not previously declared but he was not happy with his latest capital gains calculation. I said he should be querying these matters with his current accountants. He would be best to stay where he was, as it sounded as if they were doing the right thing. He wittered on a bit and I said sorry but I'll have to go now. Looking back I wish I'd terminated the conversation earlier. I'm not running Citizens Advice.

As soon as he said "I've been a ghost for a few years" I knew I didn't want to deal with him. I should have turned him down at that point. What's your best phrase for me to use in future? If you've got any rude ones at least it will make me laugh!

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Thanks for this . . .

runningmate |
runningmate's picture

Something along the lines of...

Flash Gordon |

The best way

Steve McQueen |
Steve McQueen's picture

"Specialist advice needed"

DMGbus |
DMGbus's picture

Thanks for all the advice!

Moonbeam |
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I only deal with grown ups ...

Steve Holloway |
Steve Holloway's picture

I once sacked a client at a 'sign up' meeting

ShirleyM |
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Shirley I know what you mean!

Moonbeam |
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Not worth the worry...

Viv100 |

You could always use the classic Private Eye Response

frustratedwithhmrc |
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 I like Steve Holloway's

Wilson |

Easiest way is to say you're too busy to take on any new clients

Ken Howard |