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quick sense check

No I'm not looking for a free professional valuation just a quick one sentence (yes I know it is not that simple but.....)

Client has a plant hire business (cranes) and does very well. T/over £1m, profit (before divis) £300k. No finance, no debt. They simply hire out the cranes they own.

Cranes have a market value of £600k.

Client asked in an email today - if I were to put my company on the market - what would I get?

Obviously, as I said above, there is no quick answer, but I am guessing a multiple of profits (say 3) as adjusted for salaries and the value of the cranes (lets assume no other assets/liabilities)

If it were 3x plus cranes the value would be something like £1.4m - any very brief thoughts welcome, I am seeing him this evening to sign his TR and a pint!

Offers please!

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Ignore the crane valuation

zarathustra |
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Should have asked on Twitter DD

Paul Scholes |
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my starting point

gerrysims |
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The important thing is ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Thanks all

Ding Dong |
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Normalised profits

Ben Smith |

just a quick update

Ding Dong |
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