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I upgraded my software from 2005 Regular (a thoroughly satisfactory and robust piece of software) to 2010 Pro as I had a new PC and so had to. 

There is a maddening problem with allocating advance payments to suppliers to subsequent bills received - which causes the Unpaid Bills report, and the Aged Suppiler Balances reports to be wrong - the debits to the suppliers still sit there, while the matched off bills dissappear. 

My workaround is to run these reports into Excel, and compare them to the supplier balances reports, and identify and delete the offending payments.  However, as time goes on, and the data volume increases, this is becoming more and more onerous.

I have reported the issue to QuickBooks but that was a waste of time - the first adviser I spoke with had considerably less expertise in  using the software than I, but didn't realise this.  So I emailed QuickBooks with a detailed explanation and supporting reports to illustrate the issue, and received not so much as an acknowledgement.

I have been informed (by "Graceman" from the QuickBooks Online Community) that QB know of the problem, and that it has been eradictaed from QuickBooks 2012 - which is of no help to me as I'm not chancing upgrading.  I can't afford to, I don't know that to do so would resolve the problem with the data I have, and I don't know what horrors may lurk and be ignored within 2012 to simply be resolved with another upgrade.

Has anyone had a similar problem?



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Same error

petersaxton |
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Disappointing practice being adopted by software houses ...

JC |