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quickbooks report options for Excel output

I am going to see a client on Monday who is using quickbooks. I am prepared for there to be loads of errors, and have already agreed that if I sort this out I will be using Sage, not QB. I am guessing they are using one of the bigger desktop packages. I would download the data initially to excel to see what the errors might be.

Can a kind person please tell me how to get: a bank reconciliation report, a TB, a list of all transactions in nominal, purchase and sales ledgers? Is there an audit trail report? How do I get VAT reports for each VAT period? I intend to download these to excel, and believe there is a csv report option as well as pdf.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

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Not the answer you want...

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Under company select chart of

davegooding123 |

Accountants copy

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Thank you!

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Easier to export all reports to an Excel workbook

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QuickBooks is so easy

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Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!

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Time for a review ?

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