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Quickbooks software support plan query

Does anyone else pay for Quickbooks Pro software support? We pay monthly for QB support & have done so for approx. 6 years. The charges have increased over 50% in the last year (was paying £41 now paying £63 monthly for one user licence). Updates & a copy of the new version of program, as well as telephone support are included in this price. I am wondering if we would be better off by simply purchasing the new versions, whenever released - the latest release is available for around £200. It seems whenever we contact QB support, the advice given does not resolve all problems & as I use QB on a MAC computer (via Parallels software - which creates a Windows format on my MAC) the QB Support staff use this as an opt out for resolving any problems i.e they cannot confirm their advice will work as I am operating via a MAC computer. We rarely use the  support service but have always thought it better to have it in place 'just in case'.

I guess what I want to know is if anyone else has many problems running Quickbooks latest software, without purchasing the Support Service. I am beginning to think I should cancel the Support Plan but I am unsure if I will still receive updates for any fixes/faults free of charge. I understand that new versions will have to be purchased when they are released. When I ask QB support staff if I will receive technical updates, they have avoided responding or clarifying my position, if I cancel the support plan.

Any views or advice most welcome.

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