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Quirkiest Any Answers thread of the year

We've had a lot of quirky Any Answers threads throughout the year. 

Questions that fall under the category are the more recent Anyone else received a bag of Guatemalan worry dolls to Magpies, how do magpies work?

But we want to hear from you. 

Which AccountingWEB user or thread in general do you think has been the most quirky in 2012? 

We're looking for some really wacky questions or themes, so be creative. 

Post your nominees below, and vote for them by clicking 'thanks' under the posts. 

The winner will be announced in our Xmas wire and will be in with a chance to receive a prize - so get voting now!

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FirstTab |
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Flash Gordon |

Another vote for George

ShirleyM |
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Comic accountants

jimthom |

Flash and his brush with the law

Democratus |
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Taxhound gets my vote

aayzed |
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