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Rangers Football Club and HMRC

I am really fed up with hearing about football clubs going to the wall owing huge sums of tax.

The story about Rangers this lunchtime has infuriated me.

Why has it taken so long for HMRC to collect the money? What with all the "bungs" and highly paid players and clubs conveniently becoming insolvent, the football world has always appeared to me to be highly dodgy.

What's the answer to stop this happening in the future?

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Me, too, Moonbeam

ShirleyM |
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Remove money from the game

DMGbus |
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Offence taken

JCresswellTax |
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Moonbeam suggest you get your facts straight

mn2taxhbj |


Grantthechelseaboy |

Not convinced it's all about EBT's

Moonbeam |
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neiltonks |

Football still contributes

dunhamsjd |
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New powers

ccassociates |
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Tax case

mn2taxhbj |

It's a tragedy...

hfc1875 |

mn2taxhbj get your facts straight

stevebaker22 |

Football Creditors Rule ...

JC |


Ian Bee |

new powers - agreed

davidlchapman |

new powers