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'Reasonable' Request For Information?


I am a sole trader and recently submitted a claim for overpaid SA tax (Sch 1AB TMA 1970) for 2008/09 for a subcontractor client. The Inspector has responded by issuing TMA 70, s.9A enquiries into the whole SA tax return for 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11, demanding all business records, and my firm's working papers, for the three years. There is nothing to hide, but the amount of additional workload involved, for which I will not be able to invoice the client, hardly seems justifiable. Is it worth objecting to the request on the grounds of unreasonableness - or would that simply invoke more onerous scrutiny?

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does seem extreme....

justsotax |

"for which I will not be able to invoice the client"

nigelburge |
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