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Receipt scanning software 'Neat Receipts'

I am looking at receipt and expense scanning tools. On the one hand there are online products, such as Concur, which do everyting but are a bit expensive IMHO.

I have come across a firm called Neat Products (on Google) which offer a dedicated scanner and receipt recognition software - the output of the scanning can be an Excel file.

Has anyone used this product, or does anyone have other suggestions. I am really looking to do something for a 'one off' upfront cost rather than an ongoing cost per claim etc,


Many thanks'

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Neat receipts doesnt work in

craigmckie |

That rules that one out then

tom123 |


carnmores |
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Receipt Bank

garyturner |
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dkaneria |

Receipt Bank

charliecarne |
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My vote is for Receipt Bank

Gameplan |

We use Concur

steve.oldham |

Problem with Receipt Bank

chatman |


BigBadWolf |
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Can't you send invoices to Keebo for scanning?

chatman |

@ Chatman - You can

BigBadWolf |
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Don't Trust Royal Mail

chatman |

Some really good comments

tom123 |

How about a scanning boy/girl

pauljohnston |

Yes, but . . . . . . .

lh3f9764bg1g |

Advantage over Inputting

chatman |

Hmmmmm . . . . .

lh3f9764bg1g |


chatman |

Receipt Bank

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