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Reconciling payables ledger with payables control account

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Hope I'm posting this in the right place, and that it's allowed.


My question pertains directly to the F3 Pilot Paper provided on ACCAs own website; specifically, question 18.


I'll reprint it here, in full, for ease:



The total of the list of balances in Valley’s payables ledger was $438,900 at 30 June 20X6. This balance did notagree with Valley’s payables ledger control account balance. The following errors were discovered: (1) A contra entry of $980 was recorded in the payables ledger control account, but not in the payables ledger.(2) The total of the purchase returns daybook was undercast by $1,000.(3) An invoice for $4,344 was posted to the supplier’s account as $4,434. What amount should Valley report in its statement of financial position for accounts payable at 30 June 20X6? A $436,830B $438,010C $439,790D $437,830 The answer given is:D. 438,900(980)(90)437,830 I absolutely cannot fathom why they have not included the second error. Surely you would debit that amount to the total creditors, too? Any help here would be much appreciated :)

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Formatting seems to have been lost in translation...

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Re-read the question.

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Thanks a lot.

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Glad I don't do exams anymore!

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