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Relationship with IFA's

I have always been wary of referring to clients to IFA's because of the miss selling problems over the last few years and wondered
What arrangements had in place.

Do you refer clients To one particular IFA?
Do you receive a referral fee or commission from them?
Do you just let your clients make their own arrangements?
Do you also receive reciprocal referrals.

I have an opportunity to do something with my cousin who has also recently left a large company and works under an umbrella
Body doing wealth management style planning.

I was just wondering is it better just to refer to each other and no money change hands or what other do really
And should you split your referrals around or just to 1 company.

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Quality IFA's can be very useful but......

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I am with Peterdell

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Wary of Commission

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Reciprocal arrangement

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Wish I could find one

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As an aside ...

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I would like to congratulate

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Engagement letter for cgt calc

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