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Relevance of ACCA / CIMA/ ACA syllabus

Given the increasing diligence being required of businesses, and the the potential penalties for failing to comply, - there is a huge risk factor emerging with young talent being brought into both practice and industry.  

For a blog being written i'd be interested in hearing views about how Members view the relevancy of ACCA, CIMA, ACA etc and in particular the syllabus' covered during studies, and how relevant they are to the modern workplace.  I don't necessarily mean the technical skills to be able to consolidate a set of accounts for example, but, in preparing the students for entry into the workplace whereby a mistake can readily result in very significant consequences.

Given that ACCA et al all offer slightly differing focus in their syllabi, would Members have any preference between them when it comes to understanding which scheme generates finalists that are most likely to find the transition from student to Member the easiest, and the hardest.

As the Associations review the syllabus on a regular basis, and they are likely to have changed significantly since many readers of this site qualified, (I'm not disparaging the current quality of the syllabus), - is there a trend in the way that the syllabus' are changing, and is this for the furtherance of the profession at large?

All comments genuinely appreciated - I will feed back with the final blog link





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