Replacement for PTP Corporation tax module

Although very happy with the personal tax returns, I have never really liked the PTP corporation tax module. Having served notice on this (and just seen that it is now a whopping £550 + VAT), I am looking for a more cost effective replacement. Requirements are as follows:

Able to do nothing more complicated than a return with S.455 liability calculation.

A simple capital allowances section that does not require each and every asset to be entered.

Easy on-line filing facility.

I use VT for accounts but comptability with CT product not exactly critical.


I am not going to change the other PTP products so the CT product must be standalone. Any positive recommendations?



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The Innkeeper |

Tax Calc or BTC

BigBadWolf |
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Another vote for BTC

SteveOH |
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Digita for Me

Glennzy |
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Thanks ...

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Thanks Dave ...

Steve Holloway |
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Gbooks worth a look

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Capital Allowances

thomas34 |

@ thomas34

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