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Report on items without a VAT code in QuickBooks-2013


I did my VAT return today and noticed that an invoice I had paid did not show up in the Detailed VAT Report in QB2013 on checking the invoice I had omitted to put N for not registered in the drop-down box, changing it fixed the problem but I thought I should check to see if I had made the mistake elsewhere. OK as no VAT is involved it doesn't change anything but just in case, I tried everything I could think of to produce a report to identify any offending invoice entries but cannot find a way.

Anybody got any ideas or even if I should bother, if I change all the historic entries will it produce a massive Exception report?

I upgraded from 2003 to 2013 in May 2013 at my year start and was unable to transfer my QB file but did manage to transfer the Customers and suppliers files but today I can see that it transferred none of the VAT codes. So another job trying to remember who is VAT registered and who is not!

Thanks for any suggestions.


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