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I have a client, who is Domiciled in the UK, he has been living in Holland for the last 15 years, the first 7/8 years he worked through an english agency paying english taxes, then the following 6/7 years he worked through the dutch taxation system.  He was out of the country for more than 183 days a year and also the average of 91 days over a 4 year period, he did not bring any money into the UK.

Now due to family issues, he has to re-locate back to england and will be here for more than majority of the time.

He has a haulage company that he registered last year in holland, where he employs english drivers to do the work, is it better for tax reasons that he registers this business in england as opposed to the money going through the dutch taxation system, i understand if the money if taken into holland he will be taxed at their rates, but then will be taxed at our rates for the money that he brings back into the uk (less double taxation relief)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i need to advise him of his options.

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