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Just wondering if anyone can help me here.  I have recently started working in a company and we have a UK and ROI VAT registration number for our branch in NI and Wexford (ROI).  Some of our employees have company credit cards and when they are travelling and working in ROI they purchase and bring back receipts for most of the transactions.  As far as I can gather no VAT has been reclaimed for any ROI purchase since around 2007 - apparently a letter was sent by the Irish revenue requesting that no VAT is reclaimed.  My understanding is that if we are VAT registered for ROI and have valid receipts for purchases, surely we should be able to reclaim the VAT paid on at least some of them?  Can anyone advise me on this?  And if there are purchases we can and cannot claim VAT back on?  I have tried the ROI revenue site but am getting more and more confused!  If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it!




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You cannot claim any Irish

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