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RTI reconciliation problems

Has anyone else experienced HMRC altering the FPS submission for no reason and without an audit trail?  Has anyone got any idea what is happening with the technology inside HMRC - is it up to the task?

Client runs a single monthly payroll of about £3m pm which we always square to the penny.  The PAYE is over £1m per month, which we pay using BACS to close the loop.

The client has received a letter from Debt Collection regarding a £35k shortfall in months 1-3.  We phone Debt Collection and when they read out the numbers they have on their system, it bears absolutely no relation to the FPS which we have both on paper and electronically for months 2 & 3.  Month 4 falls due tomorrow, so when that was checked as a precaution it was also wrong, BUT it resulted in an apparent overpayment of £35k, neatly balancing out the errors in earlier months. (No EPS was due or submitted)

Debt Collection cannot explain where they got the numbers from and have referred it back to the main office advising the figures are "in dispute" and not to proceed with collection.  The client is bemused but happy, although it makes it look like we did something wrong about which we are very unhappy.

I'm tempted to start invoicing HMRC for the wasted time and impact on our reputation with the client.

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It's a known problem

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It is a known problem

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RTI Problems

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