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RTI - recording director's hours

Like most small to medium practices we have a lot of limited companies where the directors take minimal salaries.

One of the new bits of information now required on payrolls is the contracted/usual hours for each employee / directors.

The dilemma I have (based on trying to second guess what HMRC will be looking at) is;

1. Do we record the directors contracted/normal hours (how many directors have contracts as such??) meaning that they are receiving lower than the minimum wage - I would think the answer is a definite NO here
2. Do we put say 15 hours per week? But this would mean that most would still receive an hourly rate well below a commercial level. Also what if the directors working hours could be proved, say they are a private doctor?
3. Do we say the hours are not known and just put a 0 in the relevant box.

Are HMRC bothered about this? If they are which of the above options are more likely to cause 'issues'?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this


PS. I'm sure most of you are sufficiently client focused, but please no answers like 'they should already be paid the commercial rate'.

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Amount paid / Roundup(Minimum wage) = Hrs Worked

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Directors not entitled to minimum wage

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Tax Credits

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More credit than they deserve?

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RTI - As clear as mud

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Employment Contract

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There is another...

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There is another - what effect on tax credits?

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legislation (SI 2003/2682 Sch A1 s21) says:

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