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SA -appeal against surcharge - tax liability 2005

Please help me in appealing against this surcharge,

I had an rental income/CGT enquiry relating to 2005, lasting 2 yrs, ended in 2010. An amount was determined + interest + penalty. about 37k.

I agreed to the final amount, and after declaration of my financial circumstances, HM agreed to a payment arrangement in late 2010, alongside a 3mthly phone review to declare my current circumstances or changes + interest.

I have continued those payments setup by standing order, in fact increased them by £100 pmth, and continued to phone in every 3mths aswell.

I have received a surcharge notice last mth, and appealed against it, based on the fact that a payment arrangement was agreed, and no further charges should apply to the final amount. The appeal has been declined that I do not have a 'reasonable excuse', I believe its trying to say the tax was due in 2005, and so it wasnt paid within the 30 days of due date.

But I cannot pay this large amount off, with interest being charged, and on top of that surcharges aswell. This will take forever.

I am ready to appeal again based on my financial circumstances, but need a professional advise, on if and how I may appeal for a successful outcome.

Please, please, someone advise me on getting this resolved. I have 30 days to appeal again.



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Generally, to get a surcharge

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Sorry more questions than answers

John - Horler Tax |

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get surcharge waived

mshakil |


John - Horler Tax |

surcharges after payment arrangement agreed

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It means

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SA tax bill repayment - options?

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