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SA tax return, but no invoices

Hi everyone. I am doing a self assessment tax return for year 2011-2012. The person did not provide me any records (such as invoices, sale record, purchase records etc.) I've been given the figures only, I done no calculation ... so my question is do I have any responsibility in this return?

Can I tick 'Does this return contain provisional or estimated figures? (If yes, please provide details on the next page).. and provide information in next page (but the figures are not estimated self assessment tax payers says they are exact figures)..... Will this make the return correct in my part of reliability? Thanks for your valuable opinions...

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Just say no

memyself-eye |
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Request more info.

abigail_c_s |

Just do it

Euan MacLennan |
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Am I missing something here?

nutwood |

I would agree with both

bumpdinkwhallop |

Get signed summary sheet

KH |
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SA Return and no invoices

paddy55 |
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This reason I don’t let an accountant do my SA tax return

ringi |

accruals? reconciliations? loan repayments & interest?

Joss |

SELF assessment

ShirleyM |
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of course if you didn't want

justsotax |

Your instructions from this client

davidwinch |
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Thanks for your valuable opinions and suggestions....

ZEYNA-44 |
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No Invoices

[email protected] |

Thanks for the advice David

kudlit |