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SAGE for accontants

hi there

I am a sole practitioner with only two clients using sage. I have looked at getting sage 50 on order to work with their data at yearly accounts time but it seems so darn expensive to get it just for this purpose. we use VT on a day to day basis.

what do other people do? it also seems that excel extract from sage are not that great, for example compared with QB. can you recommend a particular way o extracting data from sage?

I don;t suppose Sage will offer me a free copy :)

Many thanks

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taxhound |
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Export csv files

paulwakefield1 |

Get sage instant for less

bduncan |


Flash Gordon |

@bduncan and Sage versions

Locutus |
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many thanks

neutru |


BigBadWolf |
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Sage 50 Data in Sage Instant

johndon68 |


neutru |

Cost v Value

Kent accountant |
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give them a try

BigBadWolf |
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iknell |

thank you all for you help  

neutru |

Use their's

cheeeetah |