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Sage Corporation Tax Stub period filing

Have just fallen off the north face of the Eiger !

Has anyone had problems with filing corporation tax return stub periods using Sage which fail to turn up at HMRC (where accounting period greater than a year) ?

This happened to me once when I selected the submit Both periods through the online filing wizard,  kept my receipt and assumed all was well, only to discover it wasn't.  The Main period only had turned up and fortunately HMRC sent me a reminder - so I called them and re-sent. Well it's just happened to me again except no reminder just a huge determined demand for tax (client made a loss) and a £200 penalty.  I've just spoken to HMRC and they can see the Main return (which has been sitting in limbo with no allocation) but not the Stub period.  Fortunately they have agreed to remove the penalties as they can see it was sent on time,  providing the Stub is sent again today...with knees knocking it has been duly filed.

I have another couple of clients coming up with their first accounting periods greater than a year and I will NOT be using the submit both option again but will file the main and stub separately (not the height of efficiency) but I just don't trust Sage.

Anyone had similar problem ?




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