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Sage - Deleting Customers/Suppliers

Does anyone know if its possible to delete customers/suppliers on Sage L50? I'm using 2008 if it makes any difference.

I have recently taken over the bookkeeping for a local sports club and the previous bookkeeper put every receipt or payment as a sales or purchase ledger item, so I have loads (over 400 in total!)on each list and about 100 regular customers and 15-20 regular suppliers.

Anyone know if I can chop any out to make it less cumbersome? I have tried right click - delete but it tells me there are transactions associated with the account - is there any way round this?


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Sage 'stale' files

Richard Willis |
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Deleting Customers

johndon68 |

Sounds great, but...

petew |
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johndon68 |

I would be inclined ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Further advice available in discussion group

John Stokdyk |
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Thanks John

petew |
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If you have old transactions

EmmaBrowne |

Emma has it

Chris Smail |
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Clearing the Audit Trail

johndon68 |