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Sage Download problem


Using Sage software I am changing from Cash Accounting to Standard Vat & there is a report download I need from Sage which will provide me with a customer & supplier report showing the vat element of outstanding invoices.

I can save the download but cannot open it. It came up with a message which said something about I do not have a file to support it, if I click on the web to search for the file, it just comes up with a web page and at the top it says Split File! Any ideas, I can ring Sage tomorrow but really need to get this done today.

Many thanks to any other sad people working on a Sunday as well!

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How are you opening it?

occca |

No! I have to be logged out

JuliaKing |

What exactly have you

JKnight |

Hi JKnight.

JuliaKing |

These are the instructions

JKnight |

Your a Star

JuliaKing |