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Whats the easiest way to post sales in sage without raising an invoice but getting Sage to recognise the VAT?


Its a restaurant and we are tracking the sales on a spreadsheet and posting monthly.  I have posted a monthly journal

DR bank

CR sales


but as its T9 VAT code the VAT  isnt being picked up when I do the VAT return on sage.


Whats the best way to do this?





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Forget journals

Moonbeam |
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I dont know sage at all. The

thomas |

No such thing a 'Free Copy of Sage' ...

JC |


Si_Woodhams |
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Not sure which version you have

Richard Willis |
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Twice the work

Cloudcounter |

@Cloudcounter and Richard Willis

Si_Woodhams |
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These days Sage is being

S.K |

Yes, Sage was given to the

thomas |

VAT & Journals

johndon68 |

Quite simple - click on

S.K |

I quite agree

Richard Willis |
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Its Sage 50 2012.

thomas |