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Sage gurus needed here please

I have always tried to avoid using Sage (a QuickBooks then Xero man myself) so I am stumped by what I am seeing in Sage here. Can anyone more experienced please enlighten me?

EDIT: the link to the Sage screen clip is hereĀ [click to open]

The two transactions in the top part of this Activity report for a customer clearly do not produce the reported balance of zero. However, taking into account the two items with "Link Removed" in the details column, will calculate to a balance of zero. What's going on here please? Surely the transactions in a customer's history should represent the calculated balance?

Also, when I am looking at the transaction listing in Company > Financials, what is the difference please between a transaction with "Cancel - see tran x" in the details column and one with "Deleted - see tran x"?

Sage drives me crazy! Any insights gratefully received :)

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"Link Removed"

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Yes and No

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Customer Balances

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Data Fixing

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Difference between drs and crs is always the balance.

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