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Sage - How to produce a detailed P&L account


I tried Sage as a bookkeeping package some 10 years or so ago and did not enjoy the experience. Since then I have avoided using Sage for clients bookkeeping and used other packages instead. However recently I decided to do one client on Sage and see how things have improved.


I have versions 12, 14, 16 and 18 to choose from and as 12 was loaded on the machine my bookkeeper sits at I opted for that one.


We have accepted the default Chart of Accounts and have entered a meaningful amount of data using the codes on the default Nominal List. Our client would like a P&L print out to show how he has done this month and the aggregate income and expenditure for the year.


We have gone to [Company][Financials][P&L][Preview] selected the whole year as the period and printed out the report.

The report includes the amount spent on

7100 - 7199 Rent and Rates  Period £5,000 Year £20,000

Now both my client and I know that the R&R figure is made up of three elements

7101 Rent Period £4000 Year £16,000

7103 Water Rates Period £200 Year £1,000

7104 Council Tax Period £800 Year ££4,000

What he would like is a report which shows these figures individually and not grouped together

I rang Sage and thought I had explained what I wanted. In fact I tried hard to explain it several times.

The Sage Support told me that the only way this could be achieved is if I completely rewrite the Chart of Accounts 

Sage Support also told me that they would pass my idea of a disaggregated P&L Account to the Implementation Team for possible inclusion in future releases.



I cannot believe that my client is the only user of Line 50 ever who would like a detailed P&L account. Surely I don't have to rewrite the complete Chart of Accounts to achieve this. I can see how that is done, and indeed I have started to do so but this is just re-inventing the wheel


Can you tell me if there is a report on Sage which will give the client a breakdown of what he has spent on all his different overheads - I have just picked Rent & Rates as an example but all other overheads have been similarly grouped up. The ideal is a P&L with the figures separated out

I have opened the data file in version 18 to see if that helped but the report was the same

If I really do need a new CofA can I import it from somewhere/someone else to save having to rewrite it

Many thanks 


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Rent and Rates Year wrong

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Why reinvent the wheel

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You beat me Sarah

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