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Hi My PC crashed last night and the problem i have is that it has sage payroll 50 on it. I take a back up every week, therefore i thought i would just be able to install sage payroll 50 on a different laptop and restore. But nothing is ever as striaght forward (it was with sage instant accounts). I installed sage payroll 50 on a different laptop but i was unable to register it as it said the activtion key was not valid, i logged onto my sage account online and got the key. Anyway then i went with the option register later so aleast i could get into sage payroll 50. When i tried to restore i am getting an error " Unable to restore data this back up file is from a version or feature set greater than your current program licence allows"

Please can some one help. I have managed to get the hard drive out of the broken laptop and getting device to be able to get the files, therefore might just be able to copy them directly over, but not sure which files, also do i need to get it registered before i do anything.

Thanks for your time

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