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Sage payroll problems - anyone?

As a rather angry punter perhaps I am not the best person to ask this question.

I have spent at least 2 hours waiting to be answered on various calls to Sage to ask how to ensure my P35 showed SSP refunds, asking for help when my electronic banking setup was wiped before doing April payroll, and other matters. In the 2 cases concerned it definitely wasn't anything I had or hadn't done.

In case the two circumstances occur for you:

a) if the SSP refunds don't show up under the appropriate tab in Company Settings, just take the total refund shown on the Year's P32 and enter that figure in March under company settings.

b) remember when resetting up your ebanking to make sure the type of file used is a TXT file.

Why don't the software manufacturers check such basic things? Ah yes - they know we can't easily move elsewhere, so they can do what they like.


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so move

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Can't move for all clients

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