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Sage VAT cash to Standard transfer


We are running Sage Instant accounts plus 2012.

Our turnover is now over £1.6m and so we need to move from cash to standard accounting for VAT.

When we go to Company Preferences and try to change VAT scheme to Standard we get a message saying this cannot be done because of unreconciled transactions. All unreconciled transactions have VAT code T20 and are Sales Receipts. 

The questions are:

1) why would these transactions not have been reconciled when they have been included on earlier VAT returns?

2) how can we reconcile them, to allow us to move to Standard accounting? We have tried running a VAT return again and clicked to reconcile but no good.

Thanks in advance, Oly.


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VAT and T20

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johndon68 |

Why not update to better software?

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T20 Check

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Check data

Oly |

T20 tax code

Oly |


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