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SAGE to Xero

A client is moving from SAGE to XERO. Usually I prefer to do this at month end as it is simpler. However this client, due to staffing issues, wants to do it now (8th Aug). They have however entered about 100 transactions for Aug. Can you export these from Sage or do you have to re-enter them into Xero? Or simply should we just close off Sage on a certain date say 10th aug and export a TB at that date? This causes issues with depreciation and VAT (client is on monthly VAT returns)?

Also can customer / supplier data be exported from SAGE in excel and imported in to XERO? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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This should let you export

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this is a neat little tool:

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Converting to Xero

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Movemybooks - at bit more detail

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