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self assessment registration question

I have two individuals who have been sole traders for a number of years and who have been submitting tax returns, and so have their own individual utr numbers.

they have now joined in partnership. What is the quickest way to get a partnership utr number from revenue given that they need to submit a partnership return before 31 January next?


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SA400 - Registering a partnership for Self Assessment?

ACDWebb |
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and SA401

Euan MacLennan |
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This can now be done online

IslingtonAccountant |

I was looking on them as already registered

ACDWebb |
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Euan MacLennan |
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Use Joint Venture this year, partnership next year

KH |
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pauljohnston |

Three months from date UTR is issued?

Basingstoke accountant |

When did it start

puzzel |
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any further comments on this

frankie3 |