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Service Value - do you formally tell clients how much you've 'saved' them?

Reading the Lamont Pridmore awards article on here two weeks ago, and having noticed another accountancy business has the total saved running along the bottom of their website, has set me wondering how many other accountants are doing this, and how they calculate and manage it.

Do you formally tell clients every year (possibly when you give an annual fixed fee quote) that you have saved them £x by advising on dividends versus salary, possibly structuring private use of cars or other benefits to maximum tax advantage, maybe organising pension contributions etc.?

If so can I ask what items you include and what are the practicalities of recording and calculating the savings, and how you set it out to your clients?

What do you do if you haven't saved a client very much at all (or does this never happen)?!

Finally does it work out as a worthwhile exercise that brings in more clients?

Hopefully this doesn't sound too much like askling for trade secrets! I'm really interested to know if this is something worth putting resources into.



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Hi Newmoon,

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...would consider

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What does it mean?

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Savings compared to what?

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I think the idea is

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This is very silly

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