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Share buy-back - Tax position

I have a client (A) who owned 50% of a private limited company. A and the other 50% owner (B) disagreed on how tthe company should operate and it was decided that the company would buy back the shares held by A.  An Off-Market Purchase Agreement was drawn up and the company paid A £70,000 for his one share that originally cost £1. The disposal would normally be treated as a capital gain for tax purposes with entrepreneurs relief available if all conditions were met. Under S.1035 Companies Act 2006 the seler (A) must have held the shares for 5 years. A has only held them for 2 years. My thoughts are that instead of a capital gain the £70.000 payment will be treated for tax purposes as a distribution. A will receive the 10% tax credit and will then be liable at the dividend rate on the gross amount..

I would appreciate any comments concerning the above.

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I think you are correct but I

micalijo |

I'd agree...

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clearance & SSE for corporates

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You can indeed ask, David ...


Thanks for your comments.



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5 years

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5 years

hiu612 |

Yes, check the paperwork

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