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Share Structure - can this be done?

Hi There,

First time poster, long term lerker and procurement of fantastic information from this site!

I have the following situation and was looking for opinions on whether this is correct/what is required.

A small limited company, 2 directors, not connected/relatives. Share holding is 50/50 of the 100 £1 shares issued. Company is under new articles CA06.

A private investor known to them wishes to invest 20,000 into the company for a return of the profits - voting rights are not required/wanted. He would like a 30% share.

This type of issue I have not come across before and there appears to be a few ways to achieve the desired result.

My initial thoughts were to create a new class B non-voting share (via resolution) at nominal value of £666.67 (30 number). However, I am guessing to make this simpler dividend wise with the other shares, the other shares really they need a 35/35 split (call them class A)? How is the achieved? I cant clearly see whether I am required to transfer those shares, subdivide them and how and what to report (SH01, 02 etc etc).

Any help and guidance/easier method of what I am trying to achieve would be greatly received!



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Declare what you want

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Hadnt considered that and not

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