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Should agents use form P87?


Please help!


In July last year I set up a company which helps mainly pilots and cabin crew claim back overpaid tax.


Each client signs a document or indicates electronically that they are happy for me to act on their behalf with HMRC.


I have submitted P87 forms for each client and up until now most of them have been approved, lots after a bit of wrangling with HMRC.

Today I get a letter rejecting 52 claims saying the client has not signed the paperwork! Up until now it was fine and now it isn't? I have authority from the client to act on their behalf with HMRC. I'm obviously doing something wrong and I'm not sure what it is. 


Do I need to send P87 forms for each client? At the moment I have been sending one for each tax year but maybe I have been creating more work for myself, and wasting paper in the process!


Thank you for your help.



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have you got 64-8

carnmores |
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No need for the P87

pjones |

Thank you

nicolaamies1 |