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Should I register for VAT?!


I was self-employed from 2010 and before.  I was advised to make a Limited Company by my account for many reasons.  In short, I am a project manager but freelance out to companies (one company is my main employer).  All my employers are from overseas, no action is done within the UK (or if it is it is very small, under 5k turnover a year).


Do I have to pay tax once I turnover more than the threshold?  I'm not aware that I do and I haven't reached 70k yet, but I may do this year and it's weighing on my mind and I'm uncertain.  I've read a lot of documents, including on HMRC but haven't been able to determine if I'm supposed to register or not for VAT.


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for that link Pawncob.

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