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Should I renew my professional body membership??

It's that time of year again.. subscription demand and practice certificate renewal landing in the in-box.

I qualified in 1997.  I'm 50 next year.  Now working more or less full time for one client, with two smaller (very small) clients - one a sole trader and one a limited company.  All of my work (accounting & something completely unrelated) I do through my own limited company.  The main client is really just book-keeping - he uses an external accountant to do the final accounts and tax comps.

Should I give up on my registration?  I know I worked hard for it, but "at my age" (!!), thinking that the career is now on a decline.   I can save a chunk of £'s by not renewing for 2012.

Any comments/advice/pitfalls?


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constantinesavva |

50 is still young

Jimess |

Lots of options careerwise

Moonbeam |
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Only 50!

Paul Scholes |
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You never know whats around the corner

girlofwight |

Don't do it

Steve McQueen |
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I would- I did

memyself-eye |
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I wouldn't bother, myself

Ermintrude |
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As the song says ...

Steve Holloway |
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Thank you

sue.hill |


Tosie |

AAT versus Lenders

Moonbeam |
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How many lenders applications

Frustrated Accountant |


sue.hill |


Monsoon |
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To Moonbeam & Monsoon

Tosie |