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Should You Reduce Fees For Good Bookkeeping ?

As a relatively new practice, I still struggle with setting fees! I struggle to distinguish between pricing for a client where the client does his own bookkeeping,(by that i mean keeps basic records, maybe a spreadsheet, but no bank recs) and I prepare the Company Accounts, compared with a client who asks me to do all his bookkeeping, plus the Company Accounts .

My question is, if you take on a clients bookkeeping, where you obviously set a lower hourly rate,  do the work, which might result in a bookkeeping fee of approx £250 per year (say based on 12-15 hours work per year), But then how do I reflect this in the final bill for his limited company accounts ?

Adding the bookkeeping fee to the standard fee for limited company accounts might seem to make be expensive in the clients eyes ? On the other hand a reduction of £250 from the final bill would just wipe out the profit, and would mean a lot of hours spent for not a lot of fees!! Is there a balance in the middle somewhere ? Or would you just cost the final accounts based upon a reduction in the hours work required becuase of the improved quality of the books!

Any guidance appreciated.



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That's how I do it

Paul Scholes |
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As Paul does

ShirleyM |
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Charge extra for no or poor bookeeping

zarathustra |
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Different services, different fees

Kent accountant |
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Charging extra

Moonbeam |
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don't do bookkeeping cheap

thacca |
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It's always a good idea

johnjenkins |
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Give them ABC Accounts Books

MartinLevin |
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ShirleyM |
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ABC Advertising

BigBadWolf |
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Agree with you

johnjenkins |
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ABC Accounts Books - via Emandee Publishers

MartinLevin |
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