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Silly questions 1.

I love my clients, I really do. They are the sun and the moon to me.... ;oj

But sometimes I am left speechless.

So this week I picked up some paperwork. While I'm standing there, holding the box of files and a carrier bag of receipts, the client (whom I love more than air....) says "so, what will the tax bill be?"

"Well," says I, "I'm not sure. I'll have to open the files and work on it".

"Yes but, you must have a rough idea?"

So, bit naughty and a sarcastic, (I know. sorry), I held the box up as if I'm testing the weight of it. Wiggle it a bit, and say "Well, I think going on the weight of the stuff, I'd reckon round about £1,900......"

"ah ok that's ok" he says.

Anyways, I've just finished, and his tax bill is £1,919.22.

No doubt I'll get told off for being £19.22 out on my estimate.

But I'm wondering whether to bother doing accounts anymore and just go by weight of the books.......

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I can't wait ....

ShirleyM |
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Increase your estimate

Flash Gordon |

I wonder

redman7 |
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Thank you for making me smile

jem |
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taxhound |
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The psychic accountant!!

dialm4accounts |
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Have you factored in the

Triggle |

I love this, brightened my

tiredmummy |


Democratus |
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Maybe Whinger can help with another question ...

ShirleyM |
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blok |
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School fees

Euan MacLennan |
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@Triggle. Mmmm. Tricky....

Whinger |


Whinger |

@shirleym. Try basil fawlty

Whinger |

Moose head for sale????

tiredmummy |