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Simply had to share this ...

We have received a letter from Debt Management & Banking, Croydon addressed to one of our clients.

The opening lines of the letter are -


"Our records show that you self assessment tax payment is overdue.

We will be checking how long it takes you to respond to this letter"


The  letter is dated 11th May and was not received until 31st May.

This from an organisation that admits to taking 6 weeks to open incoming mail.  

They really don't understand irony do they.



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Budding comedian?

ShirleyM |
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Was it dated April 1st?

rockallj |
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ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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No, you really

Time for change |
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cparker87 |

It is so laughable

Jimess |


Jason Dormer |
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