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Single email to clients of deadlines for next 3 to 5 years

We are thinking about sending one email to a client with deadlines for submission of  information for the next 3 may be 5 years. This would deadlines for VAT, year end accounts and SA100.

We would ask clients that they should put the dates in their diary and further reminders will not be sent. Further, we will say that if the information if the info is not  received on time, submissions deadlines with HMRC and Companies House may be missed. We will say it in a better way than this.

This would cut down on admin. We are not sure how clients would take it and whether this would work.

We are looking for feedback on this idea/procedure.



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pushtheriver |
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Sounds like a way to lose clients

Flash Gordon |

On website

Paul Scholes |
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How about automated emails

FirstTab |
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Can't see how sending 3 - 5 years of deadlines will help

Locutus |
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Owain_Glyndwr |
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For M$ Outlook but ...

JC |

I'd be very annoyed if I was on the receiving end

dbowleracca |
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How to lose clients

petersaxton |
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You're missing a trick

girlofwight |


Paul Scholes |
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Owain_Glyndwr |
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Short Answer... No, no, no.

nigelburge |
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A rather naive suggestion I think

Luke |
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FirstTab |
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blok |
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Set your own deadline

Paul Scholes |
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Company deadline

petersaxton |
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"That is the point in asking

petersaxton |
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Communication is key

philhendy |
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