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I have managed to convince the senior partner to let me look into establishing a social media presence for our firm. I will be building a Facebook page first and I am now starting my research and would be grateful if anyone here could share any experience they have using a facebook page for their firm. Specifically I would like to know:

1. I am reasonably computer literate but not a web developer by any stretch. I'd like a tidy, professional looking page with a few simple apps (Calenders, calculators etc.). Though I can't be more specific at this point, I suppose my question is for those who have used developers. Do you feel you have got your monies worth?

2. What have people been using their FB pages for? A full blooded marketing campaign? Or just another form of presence and communication? If anyone has had particular success, would you be able to say why in your opinion (please :p)?

These are my thoughts for now, hoping for some interesting discussion!

Thanks in advance

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