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Software with stock control

A client is/was using Quickbooks but they have spoke to a colleague who has just hit 14,000 customers and long story short there is nothing they can do to increase this limit so my client is going to pre empt hitting this limit, possible by the summer, by switching to an alternate.


Stock management is essential and a POS option/addon would be very useful too.  They currently have 5 users requiring access.


So far Ive had a look at a combination of Xero and VendHQ which looks good and also Mamut Account Edge as they use a combination of macs and PCs but would switch to all Macs if it was worth it.  Are there any others out there I should have a look at?

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May be Acceptum business management and accounting software

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Have you considered My.N from Accounting Office?

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Xero and Vend HQ

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Xero and Vend HQ