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Sole trader client

My question is,

Van = £20,000

Expenses = £3,000

Is client better off operating as a sole trader at this low profit level and claiming all van costs through the business (except limited private use) or should he trade as Ltd Co?

Thanks in advance?

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sole trader client

ChrisPoole |

In the first year of business

Jasper21 |

Any other personal income to offset the loss against?

ringi |

time to change is...

Tom 7000 |
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Wrong question?

mike.golden |

Wrong question?

mydoghasfleas |
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other issues

mr. mischief |
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Just one point

pauljohnston |

Drawing money out of the business - overdrawn DLA

DMGbus |
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Three tax returns or one (or 54) a year?

DMGbus |
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12 page accounts or 2 page accounts

DMGbus |
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DMGbus |
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