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This is an odd situation.  A sports club I know which is affiliated to a well know National Sports Body, as been going about 12 year run by a coach. In that time the coach has been chairman & treasurer and his partnner secretary.  The club has what I would call a "back dated consistitution" (becuase it includes rules which did not exist at the time it was supposed to have been accepted).  It has never had anyone else on the committee and never produced any accounts.  The constitution does not actually mention accounts (removed from the template currently assessed from the web site of the national sports body), and does not give the members any rights.

I was asked to query the legitamacy of the club with the coach and he said it did not turnover enough to justify the need to have accounts etc ! He did call a  AGM just over a year ago, when I asked why he had never had one, but told the members that they did not have to attend so understandably that was a non event as no one turned up for it. 

I have spoken the the Sports body but they won't get involved other than to check that the affiliation fees have been paid (!)  The club is not a client (so I cannot report them for money laundering as they are not a CASC) but I have been asked privately by another sports club who is not happy with the situation what if anything they can do about it as the coach insists there is nothing wrong in what he is doing.  The other club which has a committee and produces annually independantly checked accounts tried to set up a second club in "competition" but was turned down by the National Sports body as there was already a club in the same place.

Does anyone have any Ideas or is the coach right and he can do as he pleases?





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Is the club limited, a members club, ordinary business etc.?

Eleanor21 |

The coach and I are on

frauke |

Which sport does it

bernard michael |

The sport is Tennis.  (So yes

frauke |