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Stamp Duty??????

Good morning

Can anyone give any advice?

We are looking to purchase our parents house as they have moved abroad. The house is currently on the market valued at £370000 and hoping to achieve £360000. They have kindly said to us to help us get onto the ladder they would let us have it at £280000 (early inheritance as they are only early 50s we are hoping to get away with the 7yrs so no tax to pay on the gift) If we have to get a mortgage for £280000 and the other £80000 is classed as a deposit no monies exhanged are we right to assume that the LTV is around 75% to 25%? Also if it is done this way how much would we have to pay in SDLT will it be 3% of the £360000 or 3% of the £280000? This is all very confusing, we would just like some kind of knowledge before we go to a mortgage advisor.

Thank you

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Stamp duty land tax will be

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By using the gift as our

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The mortgage comany will

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